November 23, 2009

Can you help shape the future of informal learning? Apply within.

A group of folk who I believe are spearheading informal learning in the most unlikely of ways are looking for some help, and readers are almost certainly likely to be able to help.

Do you undertake some informal learning already?
Do you want to do more informal learning but find you can't: lack of time, motivation or space?

If you answer yes to either question and want to help out a gang of really tuned-in people, please leave a comment on this post, making sure to include an email address, and someone will be in touch shortly. And thanks - you'll be participating in one of the most exciting informal learning opportunities going.

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This sounds really exciting - would love to know more as we're doing work in this area. Have retweeted this to others at the #ukyouth event
Dan [dot] [email protected]

I am always carrying on some form of informal learning. Happy to be involved.

Add me to the list as I have had an interest in peer learning in the classroom previously.
John Heffernan
jatsign ncte dotie

This sounds interesting indeed and I'd certainly be up for finding out more: tim[at]

Definitely interested ... and hopefully as I'm signed in with Typepad, you should have access to my email address (maybe??). I'm @emmadw on Twitter if not.

Correct contact details jheffernan atsign ncte dotie

Would like to find out more, thanks.

Sign me up Ewan - often, informal learning lasts the longest! mr.lockyer [at]

Very interested in that, thanks. I'm always doing some informal learning.

Stuart at

Would love to find out more :-)
@dlfresources or

Its an intriguing request = how can I refuse :)

I'm engaging in informal learning constantly, not sure any one recogises this, I'm watching younger children and their informal learning. Happy to be involved in adventures around this.
tricia dot neal at btopenworld dot com (not sure this is needed)

Yes, I am very interested! Please include me

Very interested in that, thanks. I'm always doing some informal learning too.

Very interested in finding out more.

triston at tristonwallace dot co dot uk

count me interested

Motivation is not lacking, time and space much more so: very interested indeed!

Sounds very interesting indeed...
[email protected]

I know that's the way you like it, Will. Thanks to you and everyone else thus far. An overwhelmingly reassuring response!

Sounds interesting, sign me up if you still need more volunteers... tdalton1982 [at] googlemail [dot] com


Count me *in*. But it has to be interesting. ;-)


Sounds very interesting, I'd love to participate. kpelli73 at

Hi Ewan. Would love to find out [email protected]

Interested: yves.punie at

see for our projects, of which one is on informal learning:

and another one on the future of learning:


Very interested. Very constrained by lack of time. Have all the motivation.
Kate Tabor

ktabor [at] fwparker [dot] org

More than happy to help... [email protected]

Count me in.

Hi Ewan

Hope you're well

Informal learning is where the fun learning happens,

[email protected]

Working with a group in an electronic PLN. Informal describes it. Would love to participate and learn more.
[email protected]

Very interested for myself and my students. Informal learning is the best way to learn. [email protected]

Yes, I'd be interested!

Yes, I'm interested.

Moi aussi je voudrais faire partie du projet!

I am very may well fit in with the other aspects of learning and therapeutic methods I've been looking into fact I just asked my colleague John Wilkie, a member of your 38 minutes group to see if it might be possible to have a quick chat with you before I put in a funding application to the Scottish Arts Council next Monday 30th...

I would like to help - esp if we are also talking corporate learning.

I'm always trying to learn something or other!
Intriguing, tell me more...

I'm very interested! [email protected]

Would be very interested - sounds intriguing

drogers AT

I would be interested in receiving more info. plafrance (At) islux (dot) lu

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