November 22, 2009

Remember that there are ways and means to change behaviour

Via Euan I saw this lovely example of how we might think about changing behaviour, not always in the way we'd associate with those in positions of authority. Mind you, I wonder if only the Dutch Danish Police could get away with doing this...


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Love the idea, but I doubt it will be allowed in a classroom to deal with unruly pupils.

Right Colin. Oh well.

Isn't it interesting what happens to an idea when we meet it immediately with "yes, but..." It immediately lends a very real cloak of impossibility to a thought. I have often heard this when I am teaching students: "This is great but there's no way *I'll* ever be able to do i." To which I respond "You're right."

The only thing that guarantees that something will never happen is if you never try it because you believe your own thoughts. If an idea is great, indeed if you love it, what bitter regret would you cause for yourself if you never even tried it?

Great movie. Although they obviously are no Dutch policemen ('politie'). I guess they're Danish.

My apologies, Ruben. As they say, you learn something new everyday. This bit of Dutch/Danish is one of them!

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