January 01, 2010

2010: The system's not changing fast enough and it no longer matters

Will Richardson publishes his hopes and expectations of how much actual change will happen in schools over the next decade. He feels, along with many others I'm sure, that things have moved too slowly this past ten years, and that by 2020 we shouldn't hold our breaths too much: the political system is broken, the education system not ready to prepare our youngsters, contriving against innovation even. He may have a point, but I'm more hopeful, more optimistic. Something is true in 2010 that was not true in 2000. As Seth Godin puts it:

The problem is no longer budget. The problem is no longer access to tools.

The problem is the will to get good at it.


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Ewan - Thanks for the optimistic slant on things. I whole-heartedly agree. I can understand Will's skepticism due to the fact that he has been trying to change the current paradigm longer than most.

But I also think that the tipping point is not as far away as some think. The number of well-informed educators is growing daily and at some point common sense will take over.

I think that the will to get good at using all of the new tools is also there (unfortunately the will is stronger with the students than the practitioners). However, this too is shifting. As we continue to move out of the mindset that we have to micromanage our students learning, big changes are coming.

Hi Ewan,

Strange you should post this today just as I'm completing my latest MA assignment which concludes similarly. I'd agree with Patrick's comment above that things are changing. Persuading those who are reluctant to engage with new technologies is no small task, however, the potential benefits for students makes it more than worthwhile.


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