January 15, 2010

And who are you again? Augmented Reality helps you 'see' a person's social networks

This is mind-bending stuff from the clever Swedes at TAT, and I want one now. Point your mobile phone at the person speaking at the lectern, the cute person in the bar or that potential recruit and see, hovering around their head, all their social networks, tastes in music and books, and dodgy photos from last night. In a schools context this could be seen as lethal.

But there are some amazing potential side effects - what would yours be?


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This is really a cool idea. When do you think they would launch something like this?

It's probably not that far off given that there are similar services for finding a home, for example (hold up your iPhone in a street and see how much the houses for sale cost).

Slightly scary but oh, so cool! It would also get over over that problem of knowing someone but having forgotten their name or who they work for.

It should also encourage people to think a bit more carefully about what they post online.

Now, excuse me for a minute while I just go and check what's out there...

How terrifying! ... What fun!

I guess after the upcoming global currency collapse in a year, year and a half this could be a new biometric fiat system of exchange "Your face", with so many credit's allocated to buy food, rent etc.

Oh so cool.

Hi Ewan,

You inspired a post rather than a comment...Linked to my name below.

My favourite two thoughts:

• In class you could see links to a student’s current projects AND see your most recent comments/feedback to that student.

• A live RSS feed of all the things a specific student is working on in class.


This is very interesting. On Friday I attended TeachMeet at BETT where there were lots of people from my Twitter network. A tools like this would be great to be able to meet people from your online networks in such situations, as it was quite hard to know who was who!

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