March 26, 2010

A chance to get students building their own apps

There's a chance that by the dawn of the 2010-11 school session, the beginnings of iPhone app-making as a curriculum activity begins to take traction in Scottish classrooms.

The other day I entered into a prolonged twitter debate with Graham Brown Martin and Joanne Jacobs on how we could encourage a change in technology teaching and learning by encouraging more coding. But, if we did this, what kind of programming would we expect students to learn? And is the point that they should learn programming languages or simply how to learn how to programme?

My tuppence worth was that creating apps was an easy entry point that gives relatively quick results and gratification for one's efforts, and which could lead to greater (more complex things).

Well, the good people at Adventi and new Scottish education startup re-wire are offering a chance for schools to win iPhone training courses and Apply hardware, along with courses on the entrepreneurship and innovation strategies that work with Apple development.

To qualify you have to submit a five-minute YouTube video to the Community Counts site, answering the question "what does best practice in computing teaching mean to you?", and should give a recent example of an innovative project within a computing or information systems classroom in Scotland. For more information, email Lisa Keyse. You have until June 4th.


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See Appmakr. Basically a mashup that can create certain types of iPhone Apps

yes, is great for university students. See

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