March 21, 2010

Piano Improv with Chatroulette

In a break for our normal service (and any chance of getting real work done this Sunday morning) I bring you Piano Improv on Chatroulette. There's a wee bit of naughty language but, contrary to most of my own Chatroulette experiences, no rude body parts. You will laugh, maybe even be amazed by a guy with some talent and free time on his hands. I'm not going to suggest that music classrooms around the world start using Chatroulette for edyoocashun, but we can giggle a little at the curricular move that might have been...

Update: After a particularly productive morning I've discovered that the talented guy with piano and some time either is Ben from Ben Folds Five, or a good lookalike. The real Ben Folds has since responded to the User Generated inspiration and thus reinvented U2's penchant for the ritual phone call to Presidents and Prime Minsters: he now Chatroulettes with random members of the public during his 2000-seater concerts, creating witty and nsfw songs for them. Brilliant. And that means I've discovered the party piece we'll force Derek Robertson to do at Games-Based Learning in a fortnight.


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That's pretty awesome. Unfortunately my research with Chatroulette was (a) depressing and (b) mentally scarring. The data from last attempt:

n.b. forgot to say before hitting Post. "Blanked" is when a random connection is made in Chatroulette, the other person takes one look at you, and breaks the connection. Unless you're thick-skinned, this is probably not a confidence building thing when it happens repeatedly and rapidly.

Looks like Ben Folds to me. ;)

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