March 06, 2010

The key to making good ideas travel: find a shareable vision

Jamie Oliver is more well-known in the UK for his crusade against fast food in schools here, and he's doing the same through a new television series in the US. I'm only amazed that his passionate and shocking TED video, above, hasn't been mentioned by more educators in my own aggregation of 1650 blogs (and the one that did, a Canadian, home of the dark hole that is Tim Horton's). Food, after all, is responsible for far too many of the behavioural and learning problems we have in our schools.

He won the TED Prize this year for his "Pass It On" philosophy: teaching kids how to make 10 healthy tasty meals would eliminate America's $150bn extra cost for food-related illness.

Take this idea and tell three people. If we all did this 25 times over, then the whole population of the US would know about it.

It's simple, and there's a target we can all imagine reaching in the near future. This is the kind of sharing, too, that needn't take a long time or a huge effort, and whose outcome and benefit is clear to all: I'm finding that sharing in and of itself is still something the value of which many teachers need convincing.

What's the succinct vision you'd like to share and can you find a tribe of three other people to take your message forward?


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