April 13, 2010

Reasons for literacy to love the iPad #1

I'm selling a bunch of iPad ideas to my investment panel tomorrow on behalf of my client companies and looking forward to producing some fun, engaging and hopefully profitable little apps early on in the new marketplace, before it, too, gets over-over-overcrowded.

This example of how Alice in Wonderland will be iPadised has a budget well above our prototypes, but creates the kind of eye-popping engagement for reading that most of us learning and teaching reading in any language wouldn't want to miss.


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I can see how reluctant readers will be drawn into the story. How engaging and motivating! What happens when children, who are involved in this 'out-of-school' literacy, are given tradtional texts books in class? I can see disengagement with school at an even earlier age. How can schools keep up with resources such as this given the budget constraints imposed on them?

I think the answer has to lie in using the devices children and their parents own already, as much as possible, filling the gaps with dedicated "digital gap" funds, and encouraging kids to share their devices. The latter is important, because no one device is suitable for every learning moment. Pick and mix is the pedagogy that has to be used with all this digital potential! :-)

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