June 30, 2010

[ #ghc GameHorizon ]: Seminal change in experience- & games-based learning with Kinect

Imagine being able to interact with content on the screen, with a game or experience, without needing any console control at all. That's what Kinect does (formerly project Natal for XBox 360), and it's about to dramatically change the way things are made in games, as well as experienced.

The video above shows the well-trodden animals-pets genre in a new light, but the technology brings a whole new console-control-less angle to sports and dance games. No more dance mats or flying Wiimotes!

Milo, in production by Peter Molyneux's Lionhead, will be unveiled at TED in a couple of weeks, where Peter's company seek to give users a sense of wonder like they've never had before - a computer game-experience where your computer game can hear you and talk back. It's what Jesse Schell saw as part of the final picture in his Gamepocalypse.

In the space of two days at GameHorizon we've gone from about to happen to happening in two weeks. That's a pace of change.


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I am very happy to hear of these developments
I just joined this gaming community on Linkedin.
My new interactive platform sports a "dance map" of the mind -- using a village square as a secret musical score that maps a field of data interactively on- to the screen.
Perhaps we can do something together....
Please see:
MY new technology is linked to a thriller story coming out soon...

it could be a fantastic tool but from the look of their launch software it may go the way of the Wii...novelty nonsense

fingers crossed they use it for something with real depth

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