June 29, 2010

Ewan McIntosh eduTour 2010

 This summer and autumn I'm embarking on an eduTour of proportions that are slightly scary, but I hope you'll join me on the journey, keep me right, contribute your own glowing examples of interesting practice and let me know how I could be doing things better as I seek, after two years of feeling out to pasture in medialand, to find my education voice once more. I'm lucky enough to be doing large parts of this with some of my best friends in the education world.

Six months ago I wanted to see if it was possible to bring the lessons I had picked up from the world of digital media investment and product management back into the classroom, the school leader's intray and policymaker's desk. I've been working with a few teams of brilliant educators in the UK this Spring, testing ideas, hypotheses, practices and concepts from one world transferred to another. It's time to give those ideas a bigger airing.

It's a chance to take our messages to a wider, fresh group of participants who will help emulate and expand upon practice that many of us have been developing for nearly a decade - or longer. It's also an enviable chance to learn from the amazing practice in all the countries that I've chosen for this initial tour, places I believe there is the best in schooling, informal learning, digital media development and investment.

Here's the schedule of meetings, rencontres, masterclasses and keynotes that I'll be working with over August, September and October. Many are open to those working nearby or can be ticketed by the organisers. I'm looking forward to meeting as many educators as possible, sharing stories and approaches across a wide array of activity.

This blog and my other websites will be getting a 360 degree overhaul this summer to make the experience delightful for you, too, with the help of amazing graphic designer David Airey and NoTosh developer Fraser Waters. I'll be capturing daily photo stories, videos, audioboos and, of course, blog posts of what has struck me most. Please join me!

August: New Zealand, Australia, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Core Education Grey August 9, Nelson, NZ (Link Learning)
August 10, Christchurch, NZ (Burnside High School)
August 11, Christchurch, NZ (Breakfast Masterclass Christchurch: Book Now)
August 12, Queenstown, NZ (e-Central)
August 13, Christchurch, NZ (Papanui High School)
August 14, Auckland, NZ (NEAL)
August 16, Wellington, NZ (Aotea College/PoriruaNet)
August 17, Wellington, NZ (Loop Cluster)
August 18, Wellington, NZ (Breakfast Masterclass Wellingto: Book Now)
August 18, Hamilton, NZ (Tawa College)
August 19, Hamilton, NZ (Coalface & King Country)
August 20, Hamilton, NZ (Breakfast Masterclass Hamilton: Book Now)
August 20, Hamilton, NZ (Southwell School)

ELH10 SchoolTech10 August 22-24, Lorne, Victoria, Australia (Expanding Learning Horizons & SchoolTech - Book Now)
August 25, Adelaide, South Australia (Learning Technologies Masterclass)

August 27, San Francisco, USA (Private Event)
August 28, Los Angeles, USA

The New Zealand breakfasts, masterclasses and workshops are being organised and hosted by my great friends at Core Education; Bruce Dixon, the Expanding Learning Horizons and SchoolTech conferences in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, and the South Australia Learning Technologies Department have helped take me to Australia


September: Canada, USA

September 12-14, Toronto, Canada (IN|10 - Book Now)

BeCuriousTour2010 September 15, Boulder, USA
September 16, Denver, USA
September 17, Bozeman, USA (Hatchfest)
September 19, Seattle, USA
September 21, Portland, USA
September 23, San Francisco, USA
September 24-27, San José, USA (Conference Talk tbc)
September 28-29, Los Angeles, USA
September 30, San Diego, USA

UK Trade and Investment are helping take me to Interactive Ontario in Toronto, which also kicks off my participation in the BeCuriousTour, with two of my best friends (who're going to be a lot better friends after two weeks sharing cars, vans, trains and planes). There's lots planned for that which cannot be made public quite yet.


October: Middle East

The Education Project October 7-10, Manama, Bahrain (The Education Project)

The Education Project Bahrain takes me for my first foray to the Middle East, as I seek to broaden the horizons of my own understandings and share some of our own vision: that it's not how you build an education city with bricks that is important - it's who and what you put in them that counts.

All photos Ewan McIntosh except for Lorne [bleamo], San Francisco [vgm], Toronto [dexxus], Manama [Hussain]


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Thanks very much for the compliment, Ewan. That's quite the tour you have lined up. I hope it's a huge success.

It will be great to have hear with us NZ but am a bit worried you will be jet lagged with all that travel.

Not at all! I'll be locked into NZ time the moment I walk onto the plane. Should be fine by Monday morning!

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