June 01, 2010

GETinsight: "Practical strategy" for school leaders

Strategy is putting a vision into practice, so "practical strategy" is an aphorism if ever there were one. But so few education strategies actually lead to the intended outcome on the ground, and the series of blog posts and audio discussions I'm facilitating on the GETinsight platform is intended to help school leaders become better translators of vision into action.

So far I've done three blog posts with two of our live webchat discussions now live to hear back. As more get published, I'll update and repost this blog entry to keep you up-to-date:

  • An Adoption Strategy for Digital Media in Schools Turning Great Individual Practice into the Norm
    Blog Post   |   Webchat summary and archive

  • Games-Based Learning for Leaders: How Video Games Can Improve Literacy in One Semester
    Blog Post   |   Webchat summary and archive

  • Open Professional Development: How to Motivate your Staff to Create their Own Learning Experiences
    Blog Post   |   Webchat archive to follow

Next week will be a follow-on from Open Professional Development, where we look at how to crowdsource policy and planning. If you have any ideas, examples or contributions you'd like to make to the blog post, please feel free to add them as a comment here or send an email.

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A friend of mine, Sandy, organized an interview series on the future of education which expresses a very positive view of digital media and social media use in schools.

In regards to crowdsourcing, she is very internet and tech savvy, so she may be able to offer some advice or point out a way to best maximize your collection of sources.

Here is here email: [email protected]

Here is a copy of the link to the interview series for you as well.

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