July 28, 2010

Kill The Meeting

I've got a pretty long-term fascination with the way Ideo work, simply because their outputs are so fascinating, and the means of getting there more so. I've worked in enough organisations that call themselves creative to know that few match the pace and flow of Ideo.

The Week In Two Minutes clip above shows a key reason why. Look at the variance of team work - people working alone, in pairs, in threes or fours; spot the different members by their t-shirt colours, showing how the makeup of the team changes over the course of a day.

What we do not see is any form of 'routine' meeting, some kind of default everyone-in-one-room, one-hour-on-Outlook, meeting-for-the-sake-of-meeting meeting. Take two minutes out to see it, and then email the video to a friend or colleagues to spread the lesson.


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I love this video.
"What we do not see is any form of 'routine' meeting" -> that's simply how creativity works and it is the only way to encoruage creativity.

Sadly, not every executive floor understands this. But anyway, thanks for sharing this great video!

Best wishes!

Wonderful video! Many thanks for posting it here! It is a nice inspiration for a speech I am writing at the moment!

I liked to see the lack of tech in these "meetings", lots of paper and chat. I often think that the laptop and phone isolates people from those they share the same space with (if used unwisely of course ;-) )

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