August 26, 2010

Do you *really* care about student voice? Live webchat


***Live webchat today/tonight - check your timezone for details***

Many moons ago I wrote a post that struck a chord with of this blog's august community: Do schools really value pupils' views? This Tuesday, I'm giving over 40 minutes of my GETinsight live webchat to get in depth on that issue. I'd love you to join me.

There's a blog post up on the GETinsight site already, showing some amazing examples of where student voice has not just been heard, but listened to, too, in the UK and in New Zealand. Student voice for deciding how schools operate is just one aspect. I'm most keen to hear stories and debate out how and whether students should have a 100% say on their learning journeys: the what, how and when of their learning:

[Learner voice] is quickly becoming edu-jargon, with its actual meaning for day-to-day learning becoming less clear to those teaching young people and, vitally, to young people themselves. Learner voice has all too often been reduced to making choices on what the lunch menu will be.

What do you think? Please join me for a live audio chat on your timezone this Tuesday/Wednesday. Details here.


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This live chat that you have provided will help us explore this further. Many people don't know that students' voices are not heard. We need to take them seriously as they could help improve these schools.

On the other hand, students are often the ones who really know if a teacher is effective - or merely a bore. So they have the expertise of the consumer, an experience which too many teachers seem to have forgotten.

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