August 05, 2010

HistoryPin shows students how much things have (sometimes) changed

Leith Walk Tram Building HistoryPin
HistoryPin lets users see historical photos placed up against current day street views, revealing how much their local area - or historical places - have changed over time.

The online service brings to normal Joes like you and me the power that we've seen demonstrated in the exclusive confines of TED talks in the past. Now, anyone can take advantage of this superb technology, which matches the topography of the photograph with the real world topography from Google Streetview.

I was amused to take a peak at my local area, seeing that the roadworks we've had lengthen our commutes for the past few years were experienced 150 years ago, for exactly the same reasons: building tram lines. (See the pic above, or explore it in HistoryPin).


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That's one interesting service. Unfortunately due to legal problems in Germany we still don't have Google Street (what a shame). I'd like to contribute some photos of my area.

I tried to do a similar thing with my 365 photo a while back.

It's not easy to get it all lined up.

Wow, this is very nice. Seeing how things have changed over time. Technology will only continue to get better.

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