November 12, 2010

[ #LT11uk ]: Learning and development: changing how, what and where we learn

We often talk about how important it is for organisations to be agile and to knit learning into the fabric of daily life, and then produce large, unwieldy processes and technologies for making this happen. I'll be presenting, provoking and setting participants off on a 100 hour journey to revolutionise the way their organisations learn, the way THEY learn, in my session at Learning Technologies 2011, January 26th (tag: #LT11uk).

We'll take a look at how organisations which already are nimble, creative and dedicated to learning are doing this effectively and see what we can learn from them.

Most of the companies and tech start-ups that we admire for their speed to market and smart solutions to real problems see learning as a crucial part of their DNA. Even if the return on investment of time, energy and opportunity cost comes months and years later, if at all, learning is at the core of every great new idea.

I'm going to draw on my experience with large corporations, small start-ups and the education sector, examining what can happen when learning ceases to be something that’s done to you and becomes something you live every working day.

  • Learning is not about training courses, nor is it measured in in-service days.
  • What are the working processes that involve learning as a key part of creative work?
  • What can we learn from the world's most creative and learning-centred companies?
  • What next steps can you take to transform learning from add-on to core?
  • The myth of the digital native and why learning fast isn’t just a young person’s game

If you have your own stories about your own organisations, however small, large, nimble or unwieldy, please feel free to tell them here and I can send delegates to your site to explore your story more.

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I hope this session will come NZ way next year at some point.

Planning a trip in September, Michelle, so if there's demand I'll run a session on it for schools.

Awesome - I will keep a look out for updates of the trip closer to the time. Will definitely try to muster up some demand at this end.

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