November 09, 2010

GlobalEdCon: November 15/16th, on Design Thinking, Creativity, Student-led Learning

Ewan McIntosh

The world of education has adopted many approaches to creative thinking over the years. But how do those working in the creative industries approach ideation, development and implementation of fresh, new thinking? Using experiences gained in the last four years working within the digital media industries of television, mobile, gaming and the web, Ewan will share how these might be adapted to enhance existing and well-understood structures for learning. GlobalEdCon, Curriculum Track

GEC_Europe Depending on your timezone, I hope you can join me on the evening of November 15th (East Coast US), or at some point on the 16th, to ask the difficult questions and prod our collective thinking on how creativity, at the heart of it, is a process, something that can be nurtured and grown. You can register to attend now.

My background is as a French and German high school teacher, but in the past four years have been more and more involved in the creation, nurturing and investment in startup tech companies, film and TV productions. Working alongside these people, most of whom we'd consider 'creative' if we met them at a dinner party, I realised that much of what makes them succeed is a process, of finding great problems that haven't been tackled, spotting tangents and similarities with other problems, and then coming up with ingenious ways to solve them, or relate those stories to the wider world. Above all, they almost see creativity as a numbers game: produce, produce, produce and see what sticks.

These are just some of the issues I'd like to tackle in an educational context, with examples from around the world of how educators and their students have met creativity in a 'non-schooling' way, harnessing lessons from the world of the creative industries. I hope you can join me!

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Great to see two of my interests brought together: design thinking and education.

Not sure if my work/family schedule allows me to participate but will check it out. Would love to hear more.


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