December 16, 2010

FunFelt: Finally something for toddlers on iPad


Since getting my iPad this summer I've been frustrated at the lack of apps designed for me to use with my three year old daughter, so I'm delighted that we've managed to launch FunFelt just in time for Christmas. Remember fuzzy felt when you were a kid? This is the 21st Century equivalent for iPad.

Fun Felt has a beautiful user interface, 50 delightful realistic felt shapes, colours and sounds that help you to easily produce the pictures you (or your toddler) want.


You can save your creations to iPhoto and share them via email. You can also save your artwork to the Felt Board library to continue working on it later. The FunFelt letters allow you to start spelling out words.

Don't be surprised, then, this year if your email Christmas card comes in the form of a FunFelt creation!

You can download the app now from the Apple Store.

FunFelt is one more app from the world's first iPad Fund that I kicked off in January with Northern Film & Media, based in Newcastle. It's also the second in a series of 'retro' games that we've brought up to 2010 for the iPad. Check out the first one we launched, Pitch N Toss and Pitch N Toss Lite.

Chris Chatterton, Producer, Fun Felt puts the development this way: “The Fun Felt app has been a labour of love. I have a background in graphic design, so the user experience and the interface were very important to me. Throughout development we tested the app on a focus group made up of children of different ages. This helped us to find out what worked and what didn’t, meaning that the final version has a clean layout and is easy to use. "


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is it called fun felt coz they didn't want to pay to call it fuzzy felt?

I love this it looks so cute! Cannot wait to get my kids on...

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