March 29, 2011

Data Reveals Stories: Part Four | Images

This is one of a six-part series on how to harness data to reveal stories. It represents notes and follow-on links. If you want to take part in an exciting workshop to get your hands on real life data sets, create your own visualisations and learn how to share them, you can join me in Boston at Building Learning Communities for my pre-conference workshop this summer, or ask for it as one of our masterclass sessions. Many of the examples cited are from the information visualiser's Bible, Information is Beautiful: buy the book (in the UK | in the USA) or visit the blog.

Proportionate Images
More complex than a proportionate box, and even more so than a circle, see if students can make proportionate shapes to illustrate facts.
Relative child poverty by nation
Relative costs of insuring parts of your body (Information is Beautiful, pp26, 60, 151)
Sensitivity of body by nerve endings:

Body by nerve endings

Relative sensitivity/desirability ratio of body parts (note: Not Particularly Safe for Certain Places of Work, but ideal as a starter for ten on personal, social and health discussions):

Proportionate Images



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