April 11, 2011

In a classroom near you soon: Tom Barrett joins NoTosh

Tom Barrett
The company I founded 15 months ago is growing, and who else better could I have asked for as a partner in this than Tom Barrett, teacher, inspirer (through his blog, his talks and workshops) and insanely communicative Twitterer? Since announcing yesterday we've had a slew of wishes from across t'interwebs.

Far from 'leaving the classroom', Tom will be continuing to grow the work we've been undertaking in classrooms around the world, making a difference to more educators, face-to-face, as well as developing some cutting edge research into what we might be using and how we might be using it next in our classrooms. If you want to work with Tom and me in your own school, district or State, just drop us a line and be part of the action.

Merlin John broke the news on his education news site, MJO, with these remarks:

"Two of the UK's best innovators of learning with technology are joining forces to develop projects and services for schools...

"With its two principal figures so steeped in pedagogy, NoTosh appears to be defining a new breed of education companies – ones that start out with the learning and pedagogy, and partner in the technology. Education is more used to working with technology companies that buy in the learning, and that has produced some rather difficult fits...

"With two key education practitioners at its heart, the potential of NoTosh in a UK education landscape where national interventions and policy are disappearing is obvious. There will be no shortage of schools and organisations wanting to make their learning more engaging for young people. And the same applies overseas."

Tom will continue to be based in Nottinghamshire, England, and like all our work will be in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Asia and the Middle East on request. As a rule, we don't charge extra travel or accommodation to work with us, so regardless of where you are you can work with us closely.

The full news is over on the NoTosh website.


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