August 15, 2011

TEDxLondon: The Problem Finders at The Education Revolution

TEDxLondon Ewan McIntosh

I'm thrilled to have been given the platform at TEDxLondon this September 17th to share my big idea for education, building on my plea to change learning from a pseudo-problem-filled irrelevance to a universe that inspires young people to become expert problem finders.

A very limited number of tickets are available on application from the site to hear an amazing bunch of speakers give their vision and call to action for learning, including a virtual beamover from Sir Ken Robinson in LA.


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Problem finders? This WILL be good. I look forward to the inspiration this will provide to kick start me from ideas to action!

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Ewan McIntosh is the founder of NoTosh, the no-nonsense company that makes accessible the creative process required to innovate: to find meaningful problems and solve them.

Ewan wrote How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen, a manual that does what is says for education leaders, innovators and people who want to be both.

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