May 31, 2013

Making music with one instrument: your mind

My Flemish pal Kris Hoet has been at it again with his collaborators at Duval Guillaume, producing this incredible clip about a team of music lovers, musicians and DJs who, despite having physical challenges, are able to create music manipulating a programme with only their brainwaves. The goal of Smirnoff, the advertiser? To show that there is the power to create in every one of us.


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This is where my passion sits in education. That crossover between creativity and technology. Where the means to participate isn't a barrier. Where technology coupled with ingenuity gives anyone a chance to participate and contribute.

This is Universal Design for Learning in action. It is about thinking what people need to get stuck in and bringing our combined expertise togther to make it happen. It is the promise of the effective use of technology in education.

Cheers Ewan for getting the story in my face.

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