June 29, 2013

5 Years Old: No More Worksheets (Please)

I'm not too keen on worksheets

Catriona's just finished Primary 1 (Kindergarten) and was asked to give her feedback on her learning, for the benefit of the school. It's a fab school - 360 feedback is something I'd love to see in every school, more often. I just loved her comment, and hope that every teacher she ever has, from now on, pays heed: Catriona, and most other children, are not so keen on worksheets.


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I hope you're able to use the parents space to reflect your views on worksheets (esp boring ones)

Love that she liked quick sums :-)

I am not surprised at this revelation of Catriona's. Integrating the arts in education across the curriculum statistics have proven beyond a doubt how it raises the achievement levels of students.

We, who preach to the choir know the value of the arts. Unfortunately, the majority of school system bureaucrats and education politicians do not, and to be a bit negative, I doubt ever will here in the states.

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