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December 21, 2014

2014's travel... within a hair's length of the moon


Since 2007, I've been blogging about my travel, simply because it has always formed a major part of my life, and remains a hobby I love. Also, since 2007, things got more interesting than a family holiday to nearby destinations, marked by my first visit to New Zealand, with a six-week-old Catriona. In 2009 I got a "proper job" working with Channel 4, meaning I was reduced to 41000 miles of super-commuting between Edinburgh and London.

Since then, the irresistible rise of miles has been  related to the continued growth of my little company, NoTosh, which today celebrates its FIFTH birthday! Preparing an office launch in Australia meant 2012 was a killer, with seven return trips to Oz. Prepping growth across Asia, where we now undertake as much online-only work as the rest of the world combined, meant that 2013-4 have been fewer days away from home, but bigger trips as we line up new school after new school - the largest single voyage was 32000 miles alone this year. 

2007: 51,281 miles

2008: 81,887 miles

2009: 41,902 miles

2010: 106,372 miles

2011: 128,555 miles

2012: 242,266 miles

2013: 207,837 miles

2014: 237,195 miles

That's 1,097,295 miles travelled since my first kid was born, or the equivalent of traveling 44 times around the world, or two return trips to the Moon (with a couple of round-the-world trips spare). In short: it's probably far too much.

With our new US office taking shape, adding a new flavour of NoTosh to the mix, and the Australian office booming, I look forward to concentrating on the development of new reduced-travel ways of working with our schools and creative clients. Those who've been sampling our prototypes of online-only thinking and doing have loved it, being free to dive deep in their own time, and be coached in some more profound change than is afforded in a traditional 'professional development' environment. I hope we can continue to design these together - 2015 is already looking like a road less-traveled. Well, we can live in hope...

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Ewan McIntosh is the founder of NoTosh, the no-nonsense company that makes accessible the creative process required to innovate: to find meaningful problems and solve them.

Ewan wrote How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen, a manual that does what is says for education leaders, innovators and people who want to be both.

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School leaders and innovators struggle to make the most of educators' and students' potential. My team at NoTosh cut the time and cost of making significant change in physical spaces, digital and curricular innovation programmes. We work long term to help make that change last, even as educators come and go.

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