February 15, 2015

#28daysofwriting... on a phone

These stressful moments happen to all fathers: my Mac had to head into the Mac Doctor aka Genius Bar for some replacement organs.

So, I am now properly digital native, frantically writing this with thumbs on an iPhone in the stressful 28 minutes prior to shoving two children out of the door, fed, watered, washed and clothed (OK, the last bit isn't that teenaged a behaviour, but you get the picture).

What I am wondering is whether four days of enforced thumb-blogging is going to affect my writing style, turning thoughtful prose, composed at the larger sensible and serious MacBook Pro, into Facebookish tweet-happy nonsense that no-one except me will care about. That said, given the number of comments left on the first 14 days of this 2015 writing adventure compared to the flowing discussions oneight have seen 10 years ago, I'm not sure anyone cares about many blog posts any more.


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I blog when I care enough about the subject. I used to blog regardless. Things change without necessarily dying. And @thurible gets huge comment threads still...

Comments are now often tweets.
I keep blogging cause I like the process. If I was paid in comments I'd have staved long ago.
There are some interesting currents in online writing flowing at the moment and nice new stuff popping up.
Three possible divisions: 1. silo-streams like Facebook & twitter. 2. medium and the like for no hassle long form. 3. Own or roll yr own POSSE/indieweb spaces, some interesting auto connecting in the last with webmentions ( probably not ready for mass use).
This comment is really a post I've not had time to write and should include looks at smallest federated wiki, Dave Winer's latest stuff & known.

Last comment attributed to D was me.
Http://johnjohnston.info Didn't validate in yr form.

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