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February 23, 2007

"I am neither pessimist nor optimist, I am merely determined."

  eTwinning Annual Conference 
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Ján Figuel is the Member of the European Commission in charge of education, training, culture and youth and his main opening point at the eTwinning annual conference is this:

The Internet is still used across Europe mostly for information gathering. Its power to allow individuals to publish their thoughts to the world remains largely untapped. The best single feature of eTwinning is to put back the 'C' in ICT, not just through its 'safe' portal but also by encouraging the use of social media through the kind of workshops I have given and continue to give.

"Without lifelong learning there will be far less lifelong earning."

This applies as much to teachers as it does to those generally considered 'learners', the kids. Unless teachers make significant efforts to understand the new two-way web and help their students to harness this concept for their lifelong learning, then our economies on this side of the pond will suffer.

Are we pessimistic in Europe about the way we can harness ICT for international lifelong learning? Ján reminds us of the European Union's founder father, Jean Monnet, when he said, "I am neither pessimist nor optimist, I am merely determined."

Coming up on edu.blogs.com from the eTwinning annual event

  Belgium - Europe 
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Barely the end of the morning and I've had three breakfasts - the Edinburgh Airport pain au chocolat, the BMI bacon panini and the Belgian waffles with strong coffee. Guess which one I prefer...

Coming up today and tomorrow will be some live blogging from the Belgian capital, Brussels, covering some of the amazing projects that are being showcased, the people behind eTwinning and how you can get involved.

My highlights will be to bring the Stephen Heppell talk on "New Ambitions, New Pedagogy, New Buildings, New Opportunities" Hopefully I'll be able to grab some exclusive interview material with him later on, too. Also, and this time a big first for me, will be taking part in an Oscar Stringer animation workshop tomorrow afternoon. Lots of opportunities there to bring some of his knowledge to those who've not had the Oscar touch.

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