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May 17, 2006

Free SkypeOut in North America - why not here?

This really gets me. When SkypeOut - phoning any line from your computer - is free in the US and Canada (therefore making free telephony across the whole of North America a reality) why can we not have the same in the UK, in Europe or over to our northern American cousins? Surely this is one area the EU was set up to handle, helping create more links between its diverse peoples by providing, in one go, free communication between them. Allez Bruxelles!

May 06, 2006

Off to Shetland on the No. 22

Osgborkneyshetland_large I'm just about to set off to the Shetland Isles for the last Outreach session of the year. How do you get from Leith to Shetland in 44 minutes? Why, on the Number 22 bus, of course. I'll be using the latest video conferencing technology to run a session on the MFLE for our friends at the northern most tip of Scotland. Hopefully, more Shetlanders will join the community on the MFLE, which has grown 840% in eight months.

May 03, 2006

New Skype on release

According to TechCrunch Skype is launching version 2.5 Beta today which includes better conference calling (you can see who is talking and avoid all that "No, after you" nonsense) and the ability to SMS any mobile phone in the world for a couple of cents.

Of even more interest to Wes, Miguel, Darren and me is the Skypecast function. This will allow up to 100 people to invited on to the call, with the conference leader handing over the virtual mic when required. Is this not just great? So the next Over the Pond and Through the Fiber may well need you.

User-tested via Stephen.

December 01, 2005

Skype: good enough for business - so good enough for schools now, too?

Skype_1For the past year I have been trying to convince my Local Education Authorities and the other 31 of them in Scotland to install Skype on every one of their office and school computers. What better way to get students talking for real to foreign students for nothing, nada, rien, nichts? The argument has always been that it's not safe for the computers (never any mention of it being dangerous for the kids, which I firmly believe it is not. It's a great tool for kids).

Well, 70% of businesses believe it is safe and acceptable to install on their systems.

I raise the challenge: who will be the first education authority in Scotland to install Skype on every school machine?

I wonder if Don or Don is reading this? Which one of the Dons will it be?

November 10, 2005

Can I Skype you tonight?

...or VOiP you? Whichever you find the least offensive, really. Voice Over internet Protocol, the ability to make free or very cheap calls over the internet, has been the preserve of connected geeks until now. As a Garnter report says, by 2009 70% of calls are likely to be made wirelessly in this way.

So why do Local Education Authorities still not authorise its use? Come on, what are we really protecting our children from? The real world?

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