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Ewan offers a range of masterclasses and keynote speeches that could help you and your team to succeed.

Unleashing The Tribe - Building Learning Communities

How are teens' habits changing in the light of their favourite technologies, how does this change their expectations and what does it mean for those charged with their formal learning?

Hot on the heels of Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody, the elements of this talk still stand nearly two years on.

The Bebo Boomers

In the 60s young people took to the streets to make their point. 50 years on, they're still taking to the streets, but a new form of technology in 2005 led to new ways of coordinating that activism: the social network.
Bebo was one of the first that was popular with youth in 2007-8, when Edinburgh school kids harnessed the social network to prevent 22 school closures.

Social media creates open education

Ewan McIntosh presents a five minute spotlight at LIFT, in Geneva, on, the open source platform for students and teachers to share that now receives 3m unique visitors a month.

Do you know that your teachers feel too burdened by the demands of the classroom to learn new skills? Do they complain about innovation?

Do you worry that your school is lagging behind in a digital world? Do you fear that the organisation is stuck in a timewarp?

In a keynote or masterclass we can give them concrete ideas based on experience, enthusiasm fired by a vision of what can be, and backup before and after to make it happen for them. Drop a line to Ewan to find out how, joining thousands of connected educators in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, China and India.

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