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As a Digital Commissioning Manager with Channel 4's Innovation for the Public (4iP) Fund, I've invested over £1m in digital media products. My role in these normally involves finding the talent; shaping up ideas into a workable product that will attract attention in an ever-more crowded web, mobile and gaming market; helping produce their business plan; and developing an approach to marketing and communicating key messages around the product.

Slugger O'Toole

Amplifying local political debate

Slugger O'Toole By 2009 the Slugger O'Toole blog had been leading and influencing political debate in Northern Ireland for over seven years. 96% of NI politicians read it. Its mantra of "play the ball not the man" has given it a refreshing focus only on the issues, not the politicians' dramas. I led an investment in the platform to attempt an expansion of the notion to other polities in the UK, while also reinforcing the existing Northern Irish site. It already has had more local reach than any other political blog in the UK; our aim was to further that reach and stimulate political debate in more communities.

The BBC: Channel 4 Funding Slugger Revamp

The Guardian and PaidContent: "[4iP] was attracted by Slugger's rootsy expression of citizen views, believing it fills a gap in coverage of local and devolved national politics."

Central Station

Create your own art studio

Central Station The Arts are a core part of any public service broadcaster's remit, yet they are often seen by small niche audiences. Art, design and film are far from being small or niche interests, especially on the web. Central Station is an arts platform that helps new talent flourish and more established talent to connect with them. In its early days the platform has already attracted Turner.

Award-winning artists, secret collections from design agency and art school attics, and thousands of uploaded works from the UK's top emerging art talent.


Twitter crowdsourced reviews

FestBuzz In an eight week project, the small FestBuzz team captured 750,000 tweets over three weeks of the world's biggest arts festival in Edinburgh to create a Twitter-based crowdsourced review site. The technology was so clever that it didn't need a hashtag to pick up on what people were saying about shows. In retrospect, though, this was a lesson in how the humble hashtag is marketing tool extraordinaire.

Martha Lane Fox: "This is smart."

Sunday Herald: "Twitter Ye Hot" | Kath Mainland, the Fringe chief executive said: "I don't know much about Twitter, but the Fringe is about community, and this is a great new community within it."

The Sunday Times: "I come off stage and the first thing I do is check Twitter," he says. "Reviews are just one person's opinion and now if someone says they don't like the show, I can tweet and find out why. I really like interacting with my audience and it helps me develop the show." - Chris Cox, Comedian.


How your current day bad habits muck up your future face

MirrorMe A set of applications on Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and iPhone that take medical research and hi-tech facial recognition software to show what your face will look like if you continue the habits of the last week for a lifetime. I helped form the idea, spot opportunity for the apps to "market themselves" as well as structuring the approach to launching the product in the run up to Christmas, and relaunching it in the New Year with a fresh angle. We also worked with television indie Maverick to create a cross-promotional section of the highly traffic-ed Embarrassing Bodies website.

You Booze You Looze

A social iPhone app to gauge your drinking

You Booze You Looze What's your poison? A fun iPhone app and mini-games engages younger binge drinkers and makes them think twice about what they put down their throats. I brought together Digital Goldfish, the games company that went on to produce one of Apple's top 30 all-time downloaded games, and digital agency Blonde, to get the app's messages across to the hard-to-reach 18-24 year old group. With the resultant coverage, chatter and Facebook banter, it's an app designed to achieve its goals without even having been played.

The Telegraph: "“the beginning of a very different form of media”, says Tom Loosemore.

The Sun: The Pie iPhone.

The Sunday Herald: The app that keeps an i on your boozing.


Don't lose those digital bits on your night out

Phabling A mobile web app that captures your shared moments on a night out, saving them from the black hole of the Facebook Friend Feed. This was a small financial investment in a closed beta of the application, but considerable time was spent on helping with the build, providing feedback as to how the app could be better designed to encourage repeat use.

PaidContent: 4iP Funds Phabling, For Memorising Nice Nights Out

Education Projects


Talk. Share. Buzz.

eduBuzz On a tiny budget but with a whole lot of passion, colleague David Gilmour and I created a social platform for parents, teachers and students to connect with each other, share ideas and let everyone know what was going on in the classrooms of East Lothian. The key results were better parent connection with their local schools and better professional practice as a result of teachers sharing their experiences.

Latinos in California

South American Spanish Vodcasts changing the way we learn Spanish, and even which Spanish we learn

Latinos in California Working with a new startup from San Fernando City in Los Angeles, Alas Media, I exec-ed the production of a 17-part series exploring the lives of first, second and third generation immigrants to the USA from South America. This was the first foray at such a scale in Europe into the learning and teaching of Southern American Spanish, the most widely spoken version worldwide. An example:

Latino students from California talk about life: Victor Sanchez describes the harrowing business of sending money back to relatives in El Salvador so they can pay illegal 'coyotes' to smuggle them across borders, first to Mexico and then to the US.

Latino students from California talk about life: Ricardo Avalos talks about the difficulties of being Latino in the US, the difficulties of being gay in the US, and the even bigger chal­lenges of being a gay Latino here.


The education unconference, for teachers, by teachers. In no more than 7 minutes.

TeachMeet I founded TeachMeet in 2006 as a means of gathering enthusiastic but often unheard educators under one, beer-filled roof, to share the innovations going on in their classrooms. Senior education officials were always invited along to listen. No keynotes. No spotlight sessions. One teacher to another. Key to its success was gaining support from the education and publishing industry to sponsor drinks, food and a/v for a community that has gone from six educators to several thousand, going from Scotland to a worldwide phenomenon.

About Ewan

Ewan is one of Europe’s foremost experts in digital media for public services, particularly in education.

He was a key player in setting up one of the most ambitious investment funds from a public service broadcaster in the UK.He is also the founder of, the creative industries platform for the North of the UK.

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Do you worry that your school is lagging behind in a digital world? Do you fear that the organisation is stuck in a timewarp?

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